Are you working at home and still trying to create a movement routine for your work day? If you haven’t figured out how to make it to yoga (or spin or that run or pilates), it’s time to find a way to incorporate some simple movements into your day. Here’s a 1 minute stretch that everyone has time for. It’s an easy way to counter all the forward action of sitting and typing we do every day – plus a nudge to get up off your chair and appease that hourly alert from your Fitness Tracker! 

The 1 minute towel stretch:

  1. After your morning (or evening) shower take your large bath towel and hold it tightly between your hands.
  2. Holding the towel, move your hands to bring your arms slightly wider than your shoulders.
  3. Keeping the towel stretched and tight between your hands, reach your arms over head.
  4. Keep reaching the arms behind your head and all the way down until the towel touches your lower back, moving the hands only as wide as you need to in order to reach all the way down. You should feel a nice stretch in your chest, shoulders and even arms.
  5. Repeat a few times!

Bonus stretch – on your way out the bathroom door, place your forearms on each side of the doorframe, gently lean forward into the doorway until you feel a stretch through the front of the chest and shoulders – don’t go too far! Hold for about 30 seconds. Now you’re ready for the day!

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