It’s the ordinary things we do on a daily basis that have an extraordinary healing effect. 

Frank Lipman MD

Frank Lipman MD

I believe that we all have the ability to live a healthy and vital life. As a leader in Functional Medicine, I practice what I call Good Medicine; an appropriate blend of cutting-edge, modern medicine with age-old healing techniques from the East so that together we can create your own personal health care plan. My method is simple – remove what is harmful and add what is beneficial. This integrative approach takes into account your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social wellbeing.

For almost 40 years, I have guided and helped thousands of patients feel healthier, look great, and increase energy and resiliency to better deal with life’s stresses. Passionate about helping others, my mission is to provide trusted guidance and information to make Good Medicine more accessible and attainable to all.

Featured Articles

11 Ways to Love Your Microbiome

It turns out we have many more one-celled bacteria living inside the human body than we have human cells that make up our bodies – and most of them live in the gut. There, trillions of these “bugs,” collectively known as the microbiome, handle some pretty crucial functions that we couldn’t live without. read more

Podcast: Tune into Wellness with Dr. Frank Lipman

Tim Noakes

Lauren Roxburgh – The Body Whisperer

Dr. Frank Lipman chats with Lauren Roxburgh, best selling author, internationally renowned wellness educator and speaker, frequently dubbed “The Body Whisperer,” about her newest book, The Power Source. Her book delves into 5 power centers in the body – harnessing stress energy into energy we can use for motivation, passion, purpose, and living an aligned life. Lauren shares small shifts that we can make to relieve stress and move into a more empowered way of living.

Recent Articles

How to Reverse Female Hair Loss

According to ancient literature, women’s hair symbolizes strength, physical attraction, health, femininity, and even social status. Then as now, hair is a symbol of self, and our hairstyles are a powerful form of self-expression. read more

Health Coach Tip – Boost Your Coffee

In recent years coffee has gone from demon to health food (we are happy about that!). Studies have shown that coffee, in moderation, helps with everything from energy and focus to weight loss and preventing cancer. Can you make it even better? read more

How Monsanto Bankrupted the American Farm

It is time to break the operating model put in place in the late 20th century by the agrochemical companies like Monsanto. Operating systems that not only require farmers to purchase genetically engineered seeds rather than save heritage seeds, but that also require farmers to purchase the suite of -cides- pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides – required to grow them. read more



Check out Dr. Lipman’s latest book

The ultimate easy-to-use, go-to manual for lifelong vitality. In it you’ll find the Good Medicine Mandala made up of 6 rings that represent the foundational pillars of long lasting health:

EAT: master the very building blocks of life—food

SLEEP: reprioritize and restore one of your most fundamental needs

MOVE: ensure the body moves in all the ways that nature intended it to

PROTECT: mitigate and prevent the invisible assaults of everyday toxins

UNWIND: consciously switch off for complete mental and physiological reprieve

CONNECT: awaken and enhance a sense of belonging and meaning

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