Ever heard of red light therapy (RLT) and wondered if it can benefit you in some way? You’ve probably even seen RLT treatments for your home that are quite affordable. It turns out that RLT is the therapeutic administration of low-level red light that is believed to be beneficial for a variety of conditions, especially focused on the skin, but also touts benefits promoting sleep and cognitive health.

How is it thought to work?

Red light therapy’s benefits are premised on the ability of the therapy to strengthen cellular mitochondria and possibly combat oxidative stress (akin to cellular aging). This light frequency may promote tissue health by stimulating mitochondrial ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is a molecule that produces the energy necessary for bodily function. It is thought that when ATP is produced, the body can heal at the cellular level. This is also significant because ATP production declines with age. 

What does the research show are the benefits? 

  1. RLT may promote wound healing for burns, scars, amputation injuries, skin grafts, diabetic foot ulcers and infections.
  2. RLT may promote skin health by improving skin complexion, improving wrinkles, combatting sun damage, and promoting the growth of collagen.
  3. RLT has also been shown to stimulate hair growth for those with alopecia.
  4. RLT may help individuals with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as improve joint health for those suffering from degenerative osteoarthritis, by enhancing blood flow to tissue.
  5. RLT may reduce inflammation.

Although there is a need for more human research to confirm the benefits, RLT is a promising technique which could help slow cellular aging and promote health!  

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