Meal planning is key to sticking to a healthy diet. Even a general idea of what your week looks like will help you stay on track. Bad food choices are often made when you don’t know where your next meal is coming from (and often leads to a downward spiral…).

Planning for a few minutes at the beginning of your week can make a big difference in the amount of healthy VS unhealthy meals you eat. Creating a weekly routine of planning, shopping and prepping your meals can be very impactful!

Simple Meal Planning:  

  • Sit down with next week’s calendar.
  • Where will you be for each meal?
    • Breakfast – are you intermittent fasting (that’s an easy plan!)? At home? At the office?
    • Lunch – Home? Office? Errands?
    • Dinner – Home? Out with friends? Too tired from a full day to worry about it?
  • Now that you know about how many meals you need to prep at home or to take with you, what do you want to eat? Keep things simple, come up with 1-2 basic options for each meal.
    • Breakfast – smoothie OR omelet
    • Lunch – salad with avocado and chicken OR leftovers from dinner
    • Dinner – soup and salad, fish with cauliflower mash and broccoli rabe, roasted chicken with sweet potato and collard greens (make extra at dinner for leftovers – you can use them for another dinner or lunch the next day)
  • Make a grocery list, get to the store or order grocery delivery online.
  • Prep what you can in advance – clean the greens, cook a sheet pan recipe, hard boil eggs, etc.

Stick to the plan as best you can! Even if your week doesn’t go exactly how you thought it would, you can balance it out with your planned meals.

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