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Melissa Urban -CEO of Whole30, best-selling author, and host of Do The Thing Podcast

Dr. Frank Lipman sits down with Melissa Urban, co-founder and CEO of Whole30. Listen in as they chat about how Melissa’s personal experiment turned into the incredibly successful Whole30 diet. Dr. Lipman uses a Whole30 type diet with his patients and finds, as Melissa does, that it’s not just about diet, but helps to reset many aspects of an individual’s life. Melissa’s new book, Food Freedom Forever, contains the next steps after your 30-day personal experiment, using a 3 part plan to create the perfect, individualized diet.

Michael Miller – Co-founder of New York Meditation Center & London Meditation Centre

Dr. Lipman talks with his meditation teacher, Michael Miller co-founder of London Meditation Centre and New York Meditation Center. Hear about Vedic Meditation and how it differs from other types and why having a mantra makes a big difference in your practice. Michael has spoken to more than 6,000 people about meditation, stress, creativity, neuroscience and peak performance and has taught thousands of people to be self-sufficient meditators, getting the same benefits that inspired him in his own practice.

Bobbi Brown – Entrepreneur, Makeup Artist, Author, and so much more 

Dr. Lipman talks with long-time friend, Bobbi Brown. Dr. Lipman was introduced to Bobbi as a patient years ago and he now describes her as “normal and unpretentious” which is made clear during this fun podcast talking about Bobbi’s big changes and her endless desire to learn and grow in business and her personal life. Bobbi has recently embarked on new adventures including podcasting, health coaching, hotelier, and a new wellness brand. She went from looking at beauty on the outside to incorporating her personal health work into looking at beauty from the inside (out). Listen in as they talk about how attitude in aging makes all the difference. 

Seamus Mullen – Chef, Restaurateur & Cookbook Author

Dr. Lipman talks with his friend and patient, Seamus Mullen about autoimmune disease and taking charge of your own health. Seamus is not only a chef, restaurateur and cookbook author, but after an experience with his own ill health has become a leading authority on health and wellness. They chat about going from fear to hope, advocating for your own wellbeing, and how emotional health is intertwined with physical health. Learn how Seamus stopped thinking of himself as a sick person and turned the corner to hope and wellness.

The mindbodygreen Podcast: Two Doctors Share Their Science-Backed Secrets To Aging Gracefully

This episode is a special recording from the sixth annual revitalize eventFrank Lipman, MD, and Robert Rountree, MD, are two of the most trusted voices in functional medicine today. Lipman is a New York Times bestselling author who has been marrying Eastern and Western medicine in a clinical setting since the 1980s, and Rountree’s Boulder-based institute seamlessly blends functional nutrition, medical herbalism, and mind-body therapy. It’s no surprise that the audience had their notepads out and pens poised when these two took the stage at revitalize 2019 to discuss aging.

Dr. Keren Day – Doctor of Chiropractic and Wellness Expert

Listen in as Dr. Frank Lipman talks with Dr. Keren Day – a colleague at Eleven Eleven Wellness Center. Dr. Day is a doctor of chiropractic and founder and Chief Innovation Officer of RACKED STRETCH. Dr. Day’s patient-centered practice focuses on treatment strategies such as Bio-mechanical assessment, Functional Medicine, Active Release Technique, and Chiropractic. Learn about “what is fascia,” adhesions and soft tissue traumas, and why you don’t need a broken bone to address injuries. 

Dr. Jill Carnahan – Functional Medicine Specialist

Dr. Lipman talks with functional medicine specialist, Dr. Jill Carnahan. Dr. Carnahan uses functional medicine to help find the answers to the cause of illness and the nutritional and biochemical imbalances that make her patients feel ill. Like Dr. Lipman, she looks for underlying triggers that contribute to illness and uses diet, supplements, lifestyle changes to restore balance. They discuss the changing environment of illness – looking at the increase in chronic illness over the last 10-15 years and how the toxic and infectious burdens on our bodies have created an overwhelmed detoxification system in many people. 

Dr. Jeffrey Bland – Father of Functional Medicine

Dr. Frank Lipman talks with Dr. Jeffrey Bland, an internationally recognized leader in the nutritional medicine field for over 35 years and the father of functional medicine. Dr. Lipman deems Jeffery Bland as the person who has brought the most change to how we practice medicine today. Dr. Bland was also the instigator of an ah-ha moment Dr. Lipman had in 1988 – by presenting a model (that would become “functional medicine”) of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine that finally made sense. Tune in as they chat about the gut, autoimmunity, the microbiome and much more. 

Sadie Lincoln – Co-Founder and CEO of Barre3

Dr. Frank Lipman talks with Sadie Lincoln about her holistic approach to fitness and her path to founding the popular Barre3 fitness company, which focuses on teaching people to be balanced in body and empowered from within. Starting in 2008 with the flagship studio in Portland, Oregon, Barre3 has grown to include more than 140 franchise studios powered by female entrepreneurs. What started as a workout has blossomed into a full-blown movement made up of millions of people focused on body positivity, being empowered, and redefining what success in fitness means.

Lauren Roxburgh – The Body Whisperer

Dr. Frank Lipman chats with Lauren Roxburgh, best selling author, internationally renowned wellness educator and speaker, frequently dubbed “The Body Whisperer,” about her newest book, The Power Source. Her book delves into 5 power centers in the body – harnessing stress energy into energy we can use for motivation, passion, purpose, and living an aligned life. Lauren shares small shifts that we can make to relieve stress and move into a more empowered way of living.

Stark Naked Radio: Preventing and Reversing The Aging Process

Stark Naked Radio: Preventing and Reversing The Aging Process with Dr. Frank Lipman. In this episode, Tyler Mounce, and Amir Mofidi sit down with world renowned doctor, Dr. Frank Lipman and talk about the aging process and how to reverse it. Everyone ages, but things don’t need to slow down as you age, they can actually improve. Stay tuned to gain some awesome advice on aging from Dr. Lipman!

Dr. Sara Gottfried – Brain Body Diet

In this podcast, Dr. Lipman sits down with friend and colleague, Dr. Sara Gottfried. In her newest book, Brain Body Diet, she shows how brain body health is the key to reversing a myriad of chronic symptoms—empowering you to live up to your potential and achieve the lasting health you desire. They discuss how the gut/brain connection supports moods, anxiety, hormones, and overall health while pointing out things in our environment that can damage our gut health, like glyphosate. Dr Gottfried is a scholar, researcher, seeker, yoga teacher, Harvard-educated MD, board-certified gynecologist with 25+ years of experience, and author of three New York Times bestselling books, The Hormone Cure, The Hormone Reset Diet, and Younger.

Yamuna – a visionary healer

Dr Frank Lipman talks with Yamuna, a visionary healer dedicated to demystifying the body and providing simple but powerful tools, that make life long fitness a reality for everyone.

The importance of breathing, posture  and relieving stress in your feet are some of the topics covered in this episode of the Tune into Wellness podcast.

Kara Landau aka “Travelling Dietitian”

In this podcast, Dr Frank Lipman’s guest is Kara Landau aka “Travelling Dietitian”, who is an Australian dietitian, author and founder of Uplift Food with a special expertise in prebiotic foods and gut health. They discuss the importance of using prebiotic fibers, resistant starches, and polyphenolic compounds in your diet to feed the “good” bacteria in your microbiome.  These bacteria or probiotics then generate metabolites,  including beneficial short-chain fatty acids, that can have an anti-inflammatory effect on your body.  and serotonin, that can reduce depression and anxiety.

Kara now focuses her research on the mood supportive benefits of prebiotic foods and the all important gut-brain connection.

Restore Your Microbiome

The microbiome has now come to be seen as a key foundation of health and wellness. In this podcast, Dr. Frank Lipman along with Dr. Bojana Jankovic Weatherly discuss with Zach Bush MD the importance of a healthy microbiome and the negative impact glyphosate has on it.

Dr. Bush is the founder, chief scientist, and product developer at Restore4Life. He is one of the few triple board-certified physicians in the country – with expertise in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology,and Metabolism, and Hospice/Palliative care. His breakthrough science has delivered profound new insights into human health and longevity. In 2012, Zach discovered a family of carbon-based redox molecules made by bacteria, and developed a revolutionary class of dietary supplements, called Restore, that act as an antidote to glyphosate and many other toxins that disrupt our bodies natural defenses.

In this podcast, we learn about prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics – and their affect on our microbiome and wellbeing. Listen in as Dr. Bush talks about his recently changed views on probiotics, and how he believes they can hinder the health of your microbiome.

Reversing Global Warming

Dr. Frank Lipman talks with environmentalist, entrepreneur, journalist, and author, Paul Hawken, about his latest book,  Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming.  Drawdown is that point in time when the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere begins to decline on a year-to-year basis.

Drawdown maps, measures, models, and describes the 100 most substantive solutions to global warming.  Each solution is described, its history, the carbon impact it provides, the relative cost and savings, the path to adoption, and how it works.  The goal of the research that informs Drawdown is to determine if we can reverse the buildup of atmospheric carbon within thirty years. As Paul says in the podcast, all solutions modeled are already in place, well understood, analyzed based on peer-reviewed science, and are expanding around the world.

Tim Noakes

The Low Carbohydrate – High Fat Diet

Dr. Frank Lipman talks with fellow South African. Professor Tim Noakes, the author of numerous books and a sports scientist, who has published more than 750 scientific articles. 

He initially advocated a high carb diet for athletes in his book “Lore of Running” (1986). But his beliefs evolved over the years when he realized he was wrong and now advocates for a low-carb, high fat diet in his more recent books “The Real Meal Revolution” (2014) and “Lore of Nutrition: Challenging Conventional Dietary Beliefs” (2017).  

Professor Noakes, who single-handedly popularized the low carb diet in South Africa has created The Noakes Foundation to educate low income South Africans about modifying their diet to improve their health. 

In the podcast, they discuss the importance of a healthy gut microbiome, the role of diet in managing diabetes and hypertension, and how medications are often not necessary if a healthy diet is adopted. 

Ken Cook

Reducing Toxins in Our Lives and Environment

In this edition of the Tune into Wellness podcast we have Ken Cook, President and co-founder of the Environmental Working Group and Dr Bojana who has been working at the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York with Dr Lipman.

EWG is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment.  It’s groundbreaking research has changed the debate over environmental health. From households to Capitol Hill, EWG’s team of scientists, policy experts, lawyers, communication experts and programmers have worked tirelessly to make sure someone is standing up for public health when government and industry won’t.

It’s website, EWG.org is an invaluable online resource for information regarding what chemicals are in the food and products we use.   It has over 25 million visitors a year.

Myles Spar MD

Five behavior changes to improve you life.

Dr. Frank Lipman talks with men’s health expert and integrative physician Myles Spar, MD about his best scientifically-validated health tips.  He recommends modifying five behaviors which will extend and improve your life.  They are, quit smoking, don’t drink excessively, exercise, maintain a healthy weight and have a social network.   Also discussed is the importance of monitoring and maintaining hormone levels, primarily testosterone and estrogen.  Positive results that can be achieved include improved mood, increased energy, ability to focus, increased libido and reduced risk for heart disease.  

Danielle Walker

Danielle Walker on the powers of a grain-free diet

In this episode of Tune Into Wellness with Dr. Frank Lipman, we sit down with Danielle Walker, the author and photographer of the New York Times best-selling cookbook “Against All Grain.” At age 22, Walker was diagnosed with a painful autoimmune disease. Doctors told her changing her diet wouldn’t help ease her symptoms — but she had a sneaking suspicion they were wrong.

Almost 10 years ago, Walker removed all grains and legumes from her diet, and it has made a major difference in managing the symptoms of her ulcerative colitis. Soon, she became passionate about helping other people who suffer from similar illnesses continue to enjoy delicious, nourishing food. In addition to her first cookbook, “Against All Grain,” Walker also reaches people through her popular Instagram page. In addition to sharing recipes, she also promotes the benefits of self-care.

Dr. Lipman also talks with Walker about her newest cookbook, “Eat What You Love,” a compilation of healthy, gluten-free, and dairy-free recreations of classic comfort foods.

Taryn Toomey

Taryn Toomey on movement as medicine

In this episode of Tune Into Wellness with Dr. Frank Lipman, fitness guru Taryn Toomey talks with Dr. Lipman about how she created what’s known simply as “The Class.” Toomey has always used movement and music as her personal form of medicine, so seven years ago, she began developing a class that does just that. It’s a unique mat-based workout class that combines cardio, yoga, and strength training. But it’s more than just a typical exercise class — it encourages people to ultimately free their mind through movement. It’s all about catharsis and self-empowerment.

That means Toomey trains instructors not just on the physical aspects of The Class, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual components. Through a series of burpees, jumping jacks, and other physical movements, participants are encouraged to bring up a thought that that’s been prominent in their mind for the past few days, weeks, or even years, and then cathartically let it go or reshape the thought entirely.

Dr. Lipman and Toomey also discuss music, which is a crucial part of the class. Songs are curated specifically to evoke different feelings and guide people through The Class — everything from tribal music to quiet singer-songwriters to Rage Against The Machine.

Gregg Renfrew

Beautycounter founder Gregg Renfrew talks about Safe and clean cosmetics

In this episode of Tune Into Wellness with Dr. Frank Lipman, we sit down with Gregg Renfrew, the founder of Beautycounter, a company that creates safe and clean cosmetics. She talks with Dr. Lipman about the community she’s building and how she’s driving a national movement for improved transparency in the beauty industry. She explains the origin story of Beautycounter and encourages everyone who might be skeptical about natural skincare products to stop assuming they don’t work and give them another try.

Renfrew launched Beautycounter in 2011 after becoming passionate about environmental health and making changes in her own life to reduce her exposure to chemicals and toxins. She set out to find safer alternatives to chemical-laden cosmetics, but came up short. So she started her own company because she thought the world needed a movement for better beauty, and she wanted to show that you can create high-performing products without chemicals of concern.

Renfrew discusses her “never list,” which is a list of about 1,500 harmful ingredients (available for download!) that her company will never use in its products. She also addresses the common concern that cleaner products aren’t as effective and provides tips on where to start if you’re just beginning to detox your personal care routine.

Nina Teicholz

Investigative journalist Nina Teicholz on why everything you know about dietary fat is wrong

In this episode of Tune Into Wellness with Dr. Frank Lipman, investigative journalist and author Nina Teicholz talks with Dr. Lipman about dietary fats — and why everything Americans think they know about them is wrong. She explains how misinformation about saturated fats, along with the erroneous idea that a low-fat diet is best, is causing numerous health problems.

Author of the best-selling “The Big Fat Surprise,” Teicholz has spent more than a decade researching the history of how we came to believe that dietary fat is inherently bad for health. She makes the argument for why saturated fats are actually notbad for health, despite what researchers, the government, and conventional wisdom have told us. We’ve been needlessly avoiding meat, cheese, whole milk, eggs, and she assures us we can welcome these whole fats back into our lives.

In addition to the bias against saturated fat, Teicholz and Dr. Lipman discuss topics including the dangers of vegetable oils, misplaced concerns about cholesterol, the pros and cons of coconut oil, and the problems with observational data in nutrition science.

Tune in to find out why everything you’ve been told about fat is wrong.

Robyn O'Brien

Robyn O’Brien – Undercovering GMOs in the Food Industry

In this episode of Tune Into Wellness with Dr. Frank Lipman, we’re joined by Robyn O’Brien, who’s known as “food’s Erin Brockovich” for her tireless work uncovering the truth about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in our food industry. It all started when her child developed a food allergy — and she started to realize that the rise of food allergies was directly tied to the rise of GMOs.

Author of “The Unhealthy Truth,” O’Brien has helped lead an awakening about the American food industry and the prevalence of GMOs. This change in our food supply is causing a host of health issues, and O’Brien says consumers deserve more information and labeling on their food.

In this episode, O’Brien also discusses the largest genetically engineered crops in the U.S., artificial growth hormones, and the strategies of food corporations.

Finally, O’Brien offers some tips on avoiding modified foods: shop the perimeter of the grocery store, eat more whole foods, choose organic whenever possible, and grow your own food in a garden.

Dr. Jason Fung

Dr. Jason Fung on the powers and benefits of intermittent fasting

In this episode of Tune Into Wellness with Dr. Frank Lipman, we sit down with Dr. Jason Fung, a leading expert on intermittent fasting for weight loss, diabetes reversal and overall wellness. The author of three best-selling health books, Fung has been a key leader in popularizing fasting and changing the negative perception of it over the last few years. Dr. Fung explains the physiological benefits of fasting — and the science behind why it works so well.

It’s hormones, not calories, that people should be focusing on, Dr. Fung explains. So if you’re trying to lose weight, instead of restricting calories, you should fast, because it’s the most intensive way to lower insulin so your body burns fat instead of storing it. In addition to weight loss, other benefits of fasting that Dr. Lipman and Dr. Fung discuss include lowering risk of diabetes or reversing it, improving brain function, and possibly lowering risk of cancer.

Finally, the doctors touch on a few different types of fasting and which are the best options for specific wellness goals.

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