Here we are, at the starting line of a brand New Year (already!). Compared to the last few years, 2022 felt like it flew by, as we found (and sometimes scrambled to find) new ways to move forward in a world quite different than the one we used to know. With plenty of uncertainty and change greeting us at every turn, one positive to come out of it all was internal growth. All that change forced us to learn how to be more flexible; to persevere; to be a bit more patient and a lot more resilient – all of which will serve us well as we embark on our journey into 2023.

To honor the ‘fresh start’ vibe of the new year, rather than going into the classic (and often destined to fail) full-throttle, resolutions-or-bust mode, I always like to encourage a kinder, gentler, more thoughtful approach, as in one that’s more focused on ‘evolution’ not revolution. 

To begin, close out the year by taking a few minutes to reflect on all you are grateful for, then take a few minutes more to honor the moments that touched your heart. It’s a lovely and simple way to put the year to bed, and focus on the good bits that may have been forgotten or overlooked. Need help reconnecting with those good memories and feelings? Then take a look at your 2022 camera roll to revisit the highlights.

From there, set your intentions for a health and well-being filled new year. Focus on the behaviors that put good feeling out into the world and into your life. To help plot a positive course, take a look at my 23 Wellness Wishes for 2023 for a little inspiration, and use these wishes to begin building a more wonderful new year for yourself and the world around you:

  1. More Gratitude, Less Attitude
  2. More Kindness, Less Inhumanity
  3. More Tolerance, Less Prejudice
  4. More Forgiveness, Less Blaming
  5. More Generosity, Less Greed
  6. More Love, Less Hate
  7. More Relation, Less Isolation
  8. More Health Care, Less Disease Care
  9. More Proaction, Less Reaction
  10. More Moving, Less Sitting
  11. More Fasting, Less Feasting
  12. More Cooking In, Less Dining Out
  13. More Water, Less Alcohol
  14. More Outdoors, Less Indoors
  15. More Conserving, Less Wasting
  16. More Flexibility, Less Rigidity
  17. More Mindfulness, Less Mindlessness
  18. More Meditation, Less Agitation
  19. More Being, Less Doing
  20. More Slowness, Less Frantic-ness
  21. More Calm, Less Chaos
  22. More Music, Less Noise
  23. More Smiles, Less Anger

 Have a wonderful, healthy, peaceful New Year.

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