The weather is changing and it’s getting harder to get outside to exercise. Do you have a back up plan? With the pandemic bringing everything online, you might find something new to try. Exercise studios across the country (and the world) are now available to you in your home. Is there a class you’ve wanted to try, but the schedule didn’t work for you? A class that looked fun, but you were intimidated by it? A local studio that you never made it to? Go to their websites now and see if they have online classes. 

Many studios are providing single classes or monthly subscriptions to access their entire schedule. Some even have free trials to see if the class suits you. With a subscription (or two or three) you can have classes on-demand or live to fit into your schedule. No excuses – even through the winter.

Online Exercise classes to check out today: 

Your favorite teacher might also be doing virtual one-on-one sessions for more personalized training, reach out to them and ask.

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