Now is a wonderful time to reflect on 2022 and make plans for the New Year. This year pointed out the importance of prioritizing our health with not only ourselves in mind, but also with the greater good in mind. Finding ways to incorporate new (or old) healthful habits into the day-to-day is essential.

If you don’t know where to start, we have gathered our 10 top helpful (and health-full) blog posts of 2022 to optimize well-being in 2023!

1) 5 Easy and Essential Ways to Stop Your Aging Clock

Looking for the fountain of youth? There are several every-day habits and behaviors you can do, starting now, that can slow down aging at the most basic cellular level. They don’t cost much, or in most cases, anything, and they can, and should, last a lifetime — in other words, a lot longer than ‘miracle’ potions or jars of skin cream. While absolute lifespan, for instance whether your grandmother lived to 85 or 95, is very much influenced by genetics, your ‘healthspan’ – how long you live well, is very much up to you.

2) 11 Life-Changing Effects of Berberine

Berberine has, for thousands of years, been used to treat an enormous range of conditions, including eye, mouth and ear infections; skin irritations; wound healing; fever; microbial pathogens; digestive and respiratory diseases to name a few. Today, berberine gets high marks for its natural pharmacological properties, including its health-supportive effects on the immune system, metabolism, heart and gut health, blood and kidneys as well as for its antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory powers.

3) 9 Ways to Hack Your HGH (Human Growth Hormone) —  And Put the Brakes on Aging

The idea of the Fountain of Youth, has been around thousands of years, with writings on the subject going as far back as the 5th century or so. Throughout history, explorers have gone in search of it and some have even died trying. You, however, don’t have to. Instead, you can tap into one of the best anti-aging ‘fountains’ out there and doesn’t require any travel at all. Best of all, it’s actually inside you – and it’s called HGH, or Human Growth Hormone, your natural, internal “fountain of youth.”

4) How BDNF Keeps Your Brain Healthy and How To Boost Yours

Forgetting your car keys or not remembering where you parked the car. Blanking on a name when making introductions. We all experience these forgetful moments. They unnerve us and maybe they even strike fear in our hearts as we wonder if something sinister could be responsible. For most people, these blips are just that. For others, the news may be less reassuring. But the positive message for all of us is that there are things we can do right now to help lower the risk of neurological problems down the road. One of the most important may be to increase our brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

5) 8 Simple Ways to Slow Aging from the Inside Out

If you want to increase your “healthspan” – the number of healthy years you can enjoy – step away from the Botox needle and towards these highly effective youth-preservers, to stay young on the inside.

6) 15 Safe, Simple, Smart Bio-Hacks That Work

Over the last few years you may have heard a lot of talk about ‘bio-hacking.’ And while it may sound a bit Brave New World, in practice, bio-hacking is really about applying smart, health-enhancing strategies to help us create the best, healthiest versions of ourselves possible. So, how to bio-hack your way to better health? I have a few ideas for you.

7) Hormesis: The Little ‘Good Stress’ Keeps You Young

How well you age is largely under your control, with genetics thought to be responsible for just 25% of your health. What that means is that incorporating healthy behaviors now is an excellent way help slow your aging roll over time, boost longevity and sidestep many of the problems that can take the life out of your lifespan. How create a better and longer ‘healthspan’? One of the simplest and most effective ways is to do it is to harness the health-boosting power of hormesis.

8) 7 Ways to Improve Your Skin through Your Gut

You know the old saying, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Maybe that’s true. But what researchers know for sure is that the skin is the window to what’s going on inside the body. What’s going on inside the gut, especially with the trillions of the bacteria that live there, often directly affects the skin. When the gut microbiome is out of synch with the rest of the body – a case of too few microbial strains or an overabundance of unfriendly strains – it often makes itself known in the form of common skin rashes, irritations and/or eruptions.

9) 17 Ways to Help Your Microbiome and Brain, Boost Mood, Reduce Anxiety and Support Mental Wellness

Recently, self-care has taken center stage as people look for ways to steady themselves and soothe their psyches. While movement, meditation and relaxation are essential for maintaining an even keel, if you’re eating poorly – think sugar, starchy foods, processed and junk foods – you’ll likely still wind up with slipping and dipping moods, in part because the trillions of multi-species bacteria that make up your gut microbiome aren’t getting enough of the nourishment they need to do their best work – and your brain suffers too. Simply put, food can make or break a big chunk of your mental health and have a powerful impact on mood.

10) 8 Reasons Why You Need to Focus on Maximizing Omega 3s

When it comes to protecting your health, not all fats are created equal. At the top of the health pinnacle are the omega-3 fatty acids, a key member of the omega fatty acid family which also includes the omega-6s. All of them are polyunsaturated fats. All are considered essential fatty acids, that is, we need them to survive but our bodies don’t produce them so we have to consume them in our diet. Omega-3s have an anti-inflammatory effect in the body and omega-6s, a pro-inflammatory effect. And we need both types – but the proper balance is the difference between a healthy future and a diseased one.

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