The holidays are here! A wonderful time to connect with friends and family around delicious food and cocktails. For those of us on therapeutic diets to address health concerns or who diligently follow a clean diet to support overall health… The holidays can be a bit confusing! 

Ideally, it’s a time to relax a bit and enjoy the day. This is where the 10-20% of the 80/20 or 90/10 diet comes to play. We eat healthy most of the time (80-90%) so that we can eat what we want on holidays or when we are out with friends. Most of the time, our bodies are resilient and that “cheat” meal shouldn’t throw you off your healthy routine. A few additional carbs, a cocktail or two, even some dessert at Thanksgiving while surrounded by friends and family should feel nourishing and enjoyable.  

Your Thanksgiving meal doesn’t have to be a downward spiral! There are many healthy options (turkey, vegetable sides, salad, vegetable tray) – so choose wisely and indulge in the foods that you really love. Whether you are hosting or attending someone else’s party, incorporate a few healthy recipes for balance.

It’s time to finalize your shopping list and get cooking – so here are some delicious recipes to choose from: 






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