Have you heard of allicin? Allicin is a plant compound found in plants of the allium family: garlic, leeks, and shallots. It is believed to confer several benefits for the human body, including the reduction of inflammation, protection of cells and tissues and protection against several diseases of aging. 

Here are the benefits: 

1. Allicin may protect from heart disease 

Allicin has been shown to lower blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol which reduce the likelihood of blood vessel damage, and promote heart health. In fact, a review of 39 studies concluded that the regular consumption of garlic resulted in an 8% reduction in cholesterol levels.  

2. Allicin may enhance immunity.

Allicin may also help to ward off illness-causing viruses and fungi. Allicin may also boost immunity by increasing the disease-fighting capacities of white blood cells. 

3. Allicin has anti-cancer properties. 

Allicin has been shown to prevent cancer progression by preventing cancer cell division, cancer cell death and stopping fuel supply to cancer cells. Research has suggested that allicin may be beneficial for breast, colon, liver, pancreas, and prostate cancers.

Lucky for us, the most concentrated source of allicin is garlic – which can be added to practically any dish! Increase your garlic intake to reap the benefits.

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