Can meditation help support the immune system? When creating a health arsenal to support your immune system and combat illness, I bet that meditation isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind! While it’s always important to incorporate as many immunity-boosting, health-supporting foods, supplements and healthy habits as possible, there are other lifestyle modalities to focus on – like mindfulness and meditation!

Several studies have found that meditation bolsters the immune system. 

One such study found that 8 days of 10 hour meditation supported the genetic activity of genes involved in immune response. Although this type of meditation is not easily replicable, researchers concluded that meditation, in no particular form specified, may have a major role in improving a weakened immune system. 

A systematic review of similar studies found that mindfulness meditation (a type of meditation which focuses on cultivating awareness in daily life), may improve markers of inflammation and cell-mediated immunity – thereby supporting the immune system. 

Meditation may support the immune system by reducing levels of a stress hormone.

A steady diet of stress torpedoes your immunity. Several studies have shown that practicing meditation reduces levels of cortisol, also known as ‘the stress hormone’ For instance, one study found that a four-day mindfulness meditation program led to reductions in blood levels of cortisol amongst participants. 

Similarly, a review of studies found that meditation significantly reduces cortisol levels for stressed populations.

Meditation likely supports various markers and genes to support the immune system. Up your unwinding time to keep immunity humming; One of the easiest ways to de-stress anywhere, anytime, is to meditate. Even 10 minutes per day is a great start!

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