Summer is sadly coming to an end, but you can keep that summer-y feeling all year by preserving the season’s gorgeous produce to use throughout the winter. Depending on your freezer size and the amount of time you have on hand, you can stock up now and benefit later. 

Get to the farmer’s market in the next few weeks and see what looks good. You will find tomatoes, peppers, berries, herbs, and more. Whatever is in peak season is often priced to sell and perfect to pick up for some batch cooking and freezing.  

Give it a try, here are a few simple freezer recipes to get you started:

Frozen Berries

Berries freeze up so easily and can be used in many different ways – smoothies, Paleo baked goods, or to top off yogurt with grain-free  granola. Spread the berries out on a tray, freeze them, and then you can pile them into a reusable freezer bag without getting squished. 

Tomato Sauce or Whole Tomatoes

Tomato sauce can be easily frozen for later use and if that feels too labor intensive, you can freeze the whole tomato to use whenever you want! 

Basil Pesto

Any pesto recipe will work, but walnut pesto with basil is a favorite. Pesto is so easy to freeze in individual servings and tastes great once it’s thawed. Make a batch, put it in an ice cube tray, and freeze the cubes in reusable freezer bags.

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