Why should you care about high blood pressure? Overtime, high blood pressure can cause your heart to work over time and weaken, contributing to damaged blood vessels and damage to the brain, eyes and kidneys. 

The best medicine is upgrading the way you live: diet, exercise habits, and the way you deal with stress can all contribute to healthy blood pressure. Not only will your blood pressure number go down, but every system in your body will raise its game to increase your overall health.

How to use diet to lower blood pressure 

Reduce Sugar Intake

We are always talking about reducing your overall intake of carbohydrates and sugar, and with high blood pressure, there’s no exception. Cut back on the obvious carbs/sugars – sweets, bread, pasta, pastries, white rice – but also watch out for fruit, fruit juice, other beverages marketed as “healthy.” Plus cutting back on excess carbs/sugar can help you lose those extra pounds which can also decrease your blood pressure! 

Cut Back on Caffeine

Caffeine contributes to constriction of blood vessels which increases blood pressure, as well as makes you a bit more on edge and less capable of handling stress. It could be a short lived spike, but worth an experiment to see how your body responds when you reduce your intake – everyone metabolizes caffeine differently! 

Change Up Your Salt

Not everyone is salt sensitive, but everyone can benefit from reducing the over processed foods that include it. Avoiding junk food, fried food, and take out and instead focusing on home cooked, whole foods salted with sea salt might just do the trick! One of our favorites is Pink Himalayan salt. It has larger, flavorful granules, and is mined from clean sources, deep inside the earth – free of ocean contaminants. 

How to use exercise to lower blood pressure 

Take a Walk

Exercise, even something as simple as a walk, can help reduce blood pressure. You might even feel the reduction immediately. Plus the cumulative effect of a daily walking habit can help reduce your blood pressure in the long run. 

Head to Knee Forward Bend (aka Janu Sirsasana)

Do this simple yoga pose daily to calm the mind and lower blood pressure! Get into Janu Sirsasana with one leg stretched out and the other knee bent with the foot placed against the inner thigh, lean forward over the outstretched leg keeping the spine curved in and up.  

How to use diet to lower blood pressure 

Develop a Meditation Practice 

Meditation can assist in reducing blood pressure by allowing the body to relax and effectively reducing stress. Try to build a meditation practice – you can start small and enhance your meditation gradually.

Get Adequate Sleep 

Without adequate sleep, stress levels can run amok. By managing and prioritizing sleep, you manage stress and contribute to healthy blood pressure regulation. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night!

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