Have you ever looked around you and noticed how many people were glued to their phones? At times, technology seems inescapable. Although we all benefit from technology – from facetimes with loved ones, to sending work messages and monitoring our health with apps – there are many health benefits that come from unplugging. Detoxing from your electronic devices allows you time to reflect, revisit your hobbies, and connect with those around you. Even a small detox – a couple hours in the morning, or at night has many benefits. 

Learn about the benefits: 

Reducing technology use may enhance sleep quality

While the end of your day may seem like the only time to hop on your phone to catch up with your friends or the news, research suggests that limiting phone usage near bedtime benefits sleep. Using technology near bed-time also exposes you to artificial light which makes it harder to fall asleep and disrupts your sleep patterns! ⁠Interestingly, a study found that by reducing mobile phone usage near bedtime for 4 weeks, participants experienced a reduced sleep latency (faster ability to fall asleep), an enhanced sleep duration, improvements in sleep quality, as well as enhanced positive affect (positive emotions) and working memory (memory that plays a role in how information is processed, used and remembered). ⁠All the better reasons to avoid technology before sleep! 

Reducing technology use may increase your productivity

Research has also shown that stepping away from technology for 24 hours increases productivity, focus and awareness. Additionally, another study found that smartphone addiction reduces productivity in the workplace and at home. 

Reducing technology use may improve your relationships

Several studies have found that just having your phone out while interacting with others, reduces feelings of connection and the quality of the interaction. Stepping away from your phone and other tech distractions can enhance the way you connect with others and improve your ability to communicate. While technology is a convenient way to communicate with others, it also disconnects us from elements of real-life communication – gestures, posture and tone – which allow us to feel connected to others! 

The occasional break from technology has many benefits – from improving sleep to improving relationships! When it comes to using technology, moderation is key. 

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