Have you heard of a PEMF mat? It stands for “pulsed electromagnetic field.” PEMF mat’s are comparable to meditation in benefits. They are believed to imitate the Earth’s healing magnetic frequency by emitting low-grade magnetic frequencies. NASA uses PEMF therapy to support the health of their astronauts! PEMF mats have improved health status for those with depression, pain, injury and even diabetes. Here is a rundown of the benefits:

PEMF may strengthen cellular health

PEMF therapy may increase production of cellular energy, ATP. This promotes healthy cells and improved cellular function. 

PEMF may be anti-inflammatory 

This review found that PEMF mats have anti-inflammatory effects. Animal studies and studies in human tissue have shown that PEMF therapy regulates both pro and anti-inflammatory protein secretion during immune response. 

PEMF may improve symptoms of depression

Studies have shown that in the short-term PEMF can improve depressive symptoms in patients who have treatment-resistant depression. Since PEMF can be administered in a variety of ways, there is a need for more research to understand which modality is most effective. Additionally, more studies are needed to investigate the long-term effects of PEMF on depression. 

PEMF may reduce pain

Studies have found that PEMF therapy reduces pain for several conditions, including osteoarthritis and postoperative pain.  

Other potential benefits include: reduced stress, and improved heart health, circulation, muscle recovery and performance, as well as enhanced immune function. There is a need for more research to confirm the benefits of PEMF. To reap the benefits of PEMF therapy, check out PEMF mats

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