Ever wondered how a season can benefit your health? Well, now that the season is about to change – read along to discover how summer can enhance your health: 

Vitamin D levels may improve 

During summer, sunshine is more accessible for many. Though most of us think of vitamin D as a vitamin, it’s actually a hormone-like steroid that relies on sun exposure. It helps regulate hundreds of genes and assists with production of hundreds of enzymes and proteins critical to health. Additionally, it supports the immune system, protects against cancer and other diseases, may boost mood, improves insulin sensitivity, enhances muscle strength and builds bones. Unfortunately, it is one of the most common deficiencies! Add 20 minutes of sunshine without sunblock into each day to improve Vitamin D levels!

Health-supportive produce is in season 

Summer is one of the most abundant seasons for produce. Head to your local farmers market to buy the freshest fruits (low-sugar fruits like berries are best) and vegetables. You can often find local meats and seafood too. Look for organic, when possible.

Workouts move outdoors

During the summer, you can move your workouts outdoors and into nature. If you’re somewhere humid, you can practice hot yoga naturally without needing to turn up any indoor temperatures! There are so many benefits of nature exposure, check out “Time in Nature – The Medicine Everyone Needs Now!” . Since warmer weather makes outdoor excursions more convenient, you may even notice that you get in more exercise naturally!

Our sweat glands get a workout

Sweating is a wonderful way to detox! Working up a nice sweat by enjoying the hot weather will help optimize for a clean body and mind. 

Going barefoot is easier!

Naked foot contact with the ground, what we call ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding,’ confers many benefits. And it’s simple too, ditch your shoes and walk barefoot on some grass. This contact connects your body with the Earth’s virtually imperceptible electrical charge, which research suggests reduces inflammation, enhances immune function, facilitates wound healing, derails pain, improves sleep, improves blood flow and reduces stress. 

Now that you know these benefits, we hope you get out there this summer and take advantage. 

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