Recently heard of HIIT, but unsure what it is? HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which pertains to alternating between fixed intervals of high-intensity and low-intensity or resting exercises. The list of benefits HIIT delivers is long, including: improving aspects of muscular health and mental health, reducing blood pressure and blood sugar, and activating longevity pathways. Whether you have 5 minutes between meetings, or you’ve set aside time for a longer workout – HIIT is quick and impactful.  

Here is a short 5 minute HIIT routine (feel free to repeat this routine depending on how much time and experience you have). 

5-Minute Cardio HIIT Exercise

  1. Jumping Jacks – Start by doing jumping jacks for 30 seconds at high-intensity. 
  2. Rest – Follow with 15 seconds in a slower jog-in-place, or walk-in-place – this is your low-intensity “rest” period.
  3. Mountain Climbers – For your second round of high-intensity exercise, add in a 30 second round of mountain climbers. 
  4. Rest – Follow with a low-intensity 15 second plank.
  5. High Knees – Next, add in 30 seconds of high-intensity high-knees. 
  6. Rest – Follow with 15 seconds of low-intensity jog-in-place or walk-in-place.
  7. Jump Lunges – Then, for 30 seconds at high-intensity add in jump lunges or lunge switches. 
  8. Rest – Continue with a low-intensity 15 second plank. 
  9. Burpees – Next, add in 30 seconds of high-intensity burpees or modified burpees
  10. Rest – Follow with a 15 second low-intensity jog-in-place, or walk-in-place.
  11. Skaters – Continue with 30 seconds of high-intensity skaters.
  12. Rest – Follow with a low-intensity 15 second plank. 
  13. Butt-Kickers – For your final high-intensity exercise, add in 30 seconds of butt-kickers. 
  14. Rest – Finish off with a 15 second jog or walk-in-place.
  15. All done! Stretch it out.

If you’re new to HIIT, try adding this exercise into your normal workout routine for 5 minutes. As you get more comfortable with it, you can add longer HIIT sessions into your fitness regime. It will make your workout fly by and turn monotonous exercises into a fun game!


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