Now is a wonderful time to reflect and make plans for the New Year. And if 2021 did nothing else good, it did point out the importance of prioritizing our health with not only ourselves in mind, but also with the greater good in mind. With new variants continuously revealing themselves, finding ways to incorporate new (or old) healthful habits into the day-to-day is essential.

If you don’t know where to start, we have gathered our 11 top helpful (and health-full) tips of 2021 to optimize well-being into the next year! You can find these tips and so much more on our Instagram account – @franklipmanmd – please follow along! 

1. The biggest factor in healthy aging:


2. Try not to make drugs your default: 








3. On what builds the resilience of your immune system or breaks it:









4. Quitting sugar to preserve your cognitive function:










5. Everything you take in is your ‘diet’:









6. Dump sugar, stay well:









7. There is no magic pill for health:


8. Get your hormones in order, experience healthy weight loss:

9. Over-reliance on pills is damaging:

10. Don’t mask your problems, find the root cause:

11. Keep your brain sharp and youthful with sleep: 

10 Daily Habits to Live to 100

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