In today’s busy world it’s hard to avoid stress and we all get a little overwhelmed at times. The question is – how do you relax? Here are 4 easy-to-find essential oils that can help you chill out fast. Use them in a bath, diffuser, or mixed with a carrier oil, like coconut or avocado, and massage them directly onto your skin. 


You might have smelled this essential oil in a steam room at your gym or spa. And no wonder. Eucalyptus not only helps soothe muscles making it perfect for a tired, over-worked body, but it also has anti-anxiety and blood pressure lowering properties. 


Lavender’s floral and sweet aroma is in and of itself calming and delicious. But lavender is also an adaptogen, meaning it can help the body to adapt and better handle stress. Use a little less to help relax and a little more to energize you. 


The flowery scent of geranium is known to be uplifting, helping to relieve feelings of stress, anxiety and anger. It was even shown to help reduce anxiety during labor! Another interesting note about geranium, it may help to release negative memories. 


The sweet smell of orange can bring to mind happy and relaxed thoughts, helping with depression and anxiety. It’s been shown to help reduce pulse rate, manage cortisol, and it turns out all you need is a big inhale.  

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