Now that we are getting back into the world, eating at restaurants is a “thing” again. And while it is very exciting, we should pace ourselves! We all love to eat out whether it’s lunch at the office or dinner at the newest restaurant in town with friends. And yes, you can eat out and still eat healthy. A little planning and some tips to navigate the menu will set you up for dining success. 


Pick the restaurant – be the one in your party to make the restaurant suggestion. Look for farm-to-table options to ensure good quality ingredients. Have a few different cuisines ready to entice your dinner-mates to eat at one of your favorites. 

Browse the menu – before you go, take a look at the menu and decide what you will order. It helps to avoid temptations once you arrive. 

At the scene:

Be the first – place your order first so that you aren’t swayed by everyone else’s choice.

Starters – stick to seasonal salads, deviled eggs, guacamole (ask for crudite instead of chips), or oysters. They’re nutrient dense, delicious, and still feel indulgent and festive. 

Main – you can’t go wrong with fish, chicken, or beef and vegetables – and splurge on the sauce! If someone else’s pasta/fries/etc. look amazing, ask for a bite

Sides – if you need more to fill you up, order seasonal sides like roasted Brussels sprouts, sautéed kale or spinach, or any interesting vegetables they have.

Dessert – avoid dessert! But if it’s a special occasion or there is something you can’t turn down, get one and share it with the table. 

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