With vaccines becoming readily available, many people are getting back to air travel. If you haven’t been flying over the last year (you aren’t the only one, so many people haven’t), here are some reminders to arrive fresh-faced and full of energy at your destination. Whether you’re flying to see family for the first time in over a year or for business or pleasure, the actual journey can take its toll on your body, both inside and out. Here are some tips to travel, and arrive, looking and feeling your best. 

Quality Food

Avoid sugar, processed snacks, and table salt while traveling. These foods are dehydrating and inflammatory, making your skin look puffy and dull and your pants feel tight! Instead of airport and airline food, pack a healthy snack – some fruit, nuts, and hard boiled eggs are easy. Eat light and save the big meal for when you arrive.


You know this one! Drink plenty of water throughout your flight. Avoid alcohol which is dehydrating, pro-inflammatory, and disrupts good-quality sleep. Many airlines aren’t serving alcohol on the plane right now, so that will help you make this good decision! 

Compression & Movement

On long flights, keep your blood circulating by moving and stretching every hour and wear compression socks to help improve circulation. Many swear it even helps fight jetlag.


As soon as you land, get barefoot to help energize your body and deal with jetlag. Where can you get your grounding on? In the nearest park, on unsealed concrete (if you can’t find any dirt), but better yet, if you are traveling to the beach, take a walk on wet sand or get in the ocean.

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