Feeling down? Whatever the reason you are in need of a pick-me-up, there are foods and activities you can do to give your mood an instant lift, no pills needed.

Eat Chocolate

Chocolate, or cocao, boosts serotonin which is known as the feel-good hormone. So it’s no wonder women crave it before their period, when their serotonin levels drop, or that chocolate is a go-to comfort food when we feel stressed or sad. Chocolate also contains a good amount of magnesium which is calming to the mind and body.

Jump on a Rebounder

Jumping on a trampoline is fun in and of itself. But it’s also a great mood-boosting activity, releasing endorphins to give you a natural high. Rebounding will stimulate the lymphatic system, immune system, and boosts energy levels too. A great reason to get jumping! 

Do Yoga

Specifically, bow pose (also called Dhanurasana). Opening the heart center is great for boosting the spirit and makes you feel energized and invigorated. This pose also helps with constipation and fatigue (which could be getting you down!). Lie on your belly, bend your knees towards your butt, and reach back and grab your ankles. Next, lift your heels away from your butt, and at the same time lift your head, neck, and shoulders. For a description on how to do bow pose properly, check out Yoga Journal

Play with a Pet

Time with animals – especially petting, cuddling, and hugging – can boost your mood and calm stress and anxiety. Take your dog for a walk or spend some time brushing your cat. Don’t have a pet? See if your friends need help walking their dog or feeding their cat while out of town. Bonus – getting outside and helping others are also great ways to boost your mood! 

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