Indoor plants do more than just look pretty. Certain plants can actually help improve the air quality and bring a bright, uplifting energy to your indoor space. Get to the nearest nursery and get your green on! 

Better Air = Better Health

The quality of the air you breath can significantly impact your health. Many of us don’t realize how furniture, paint, and insulation in our homes can pollute our indoor air with toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde – among many others. Adding plants to your home can help clean the air (and turn carbon dioxide into our much needed friend – oxygen). Plants absorb the gases through pores on their leaves, leaving cleaner air for you to breathe.  

NASA approved

NASA actually did a study to find out which plants best filter the air of their space stations. The list includes common plants such as English Ivy, Peace Lily, Bamboo and Spider Plant. Get a spider plant baby from a friend and start cleaning the air in your home now. 

Feng Shui

According to this ancient Chinese philosophy plants help create harmony in your home by representing one of the 5 elements – wood. The wood element also brings growth, expansion, vitality, and abundance, things we can all use more of! Plus plants are just nice to look at…

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