You may have thought about quitting sugar before, but that 3pm craving for chocolate makes it difficult! Quitting sugar may not be easy, but it’s oh so good for you, and it truly gets easier the more you do it. Here is some inspiration (in the form of a few scary facts!) to help you kick the habit.

Moody Mess?

Sugar can really wreak havoc on your brain and mood. We all know how low blood sugar can make us an unpleasantly short tempered mess, but even depression, mood swings, and anxiety can be caused by eating too much sugar.

Want glowing skin?

Sugar reduces collagen and elasticity in the skin and causes overall free-radical damage leading to premature aging, wrinkles, and dull skin – not the healthy glow we’re all longing for.

Overdoing it?

Sugar gets quickly absorbed into our bloodstream and impacts our ability to properly regulate blood sugar. When we get too much sugar – especially refined sugars and refined carbohydrates – this can lead to issues such as insulin resistance and diabetes.

Unknown symptoms?

Sugar actually inhibits mineral absorption and even depletes the body of magnesium, a mineral we see so many people being deficient in today! Magnesium is required for proper cell function and absorption of calcium, among many other functions in our bodies. Signs you may need more magnesium include sleep issues, anxiety, chocolate cravings…

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