These days it seems like everyone is wearing a health tracker like Oura or Fitbit to help motivate them to move more, sleep better and even meditate daily. With all this newfound motivation and data available – do you still need ideas about how to make it happen? Have your steps been drastically reduced since the beginning of the pandemic?

Here are some simple tips to take more steps in a day, no matter what your goal is.

Always choose the longest route

Whether it’s on your way to work or the grocery store, choose the longest and most scenic route there. Get off the subway a stop early. Park the car as far away as possible. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Working from home? Take a walk around the block before sitting down at your desk! 

Stop ordering in

Instead of getting food delivered, take a walk to pick it up (more steps and gets you out of your house!). Take a brisk walk in the fresh air and add in a little extra loop on your way whenever you can.

Take calls on the go

Since many of us are working from home or catching up with friends and family on calls instead of in person – take them on the go! Hour long conference call? Put your headphones on and head out for a walk. Catching up with your best friend or mom every Tuesday afternoon? Stroll through your neighborhood, stay in touch with the outside world, and get more steps all at the same time. 

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