We are constantly talking about the importance of creating new healthy habits. In fact, one of Dr. Lipman’s favorite sayings is “It’s the ordinary things we do on a daily basis that have an extraordinary healing effect.” It is true! You can’t meditate one day, get one 8-hour night of sleep, eat one low-carb meal – and expect to address the imbalances in your body. But if you start meditating, sleeping, eating more healthily on a regular basis, then you will start to see impactful changes.

Creating a new healthy habit – a regular practice that is hard to give up – is the best way to tackle any health goal. We are looking for sustainable lifestyle upgrades that stick!

Where do you start to create a new daily habit?

  1. Dig into why you want to start a new habit – this will motivate you! 
  2. Define your goal – let’s say, start a daily meditation practice
  3. Break it down into doable steps – start with 2 minutes each day
  4. Pick a time – or better yet, an already established habit in your day – meditate for 2 minutes every day after you brush your teeth
  5. Commit to the new habit – you defined your goal for 2 minutes every day – stick to 2 minutes, if you go over great, but it’s unnecessary

Don’t take on too many new habits at once. But when you feel confident, move on to a new habit and run through all the steps – Why, What, How, Where, Commit. What will be next – reduce your sugar intake, exercise 5 times a week, get 30 minutes more sleep every day… Keep hacking away at it.

10 Daily Habits to Live to 100

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