At Eleven Eleven Wellness Center we help people with many different health issues and often use therapeutic diets in the healing process. An elimination diet is a great starting place, but the transition to that full elimination can feel scary for many people. One food group that we eliminate is grains (or at least gluten) and to many it can feel like a difficult break up! Grains can be hard to digest and turn into sugars, both things we want to avoid to support healing the gut. 

But there are ways to make this process easier! Finding good alternatives to your favorite foods can help get you through this transition and even show you that there are other delicious choices out there.

Many favorite foods that are eliminated during a therapeutic diet are made from grain flours… and that is where Tiger Nut Flour comes in. 

What is Tiger Nut Flour? 

Tiger Nut is actually a tuber and not a nut at all (also handy for anyone who has nut sensitivities or is avoiding nuts as part of their therapeutic diet). The “nuts” are roasted and ground into flour that can be used as a 1:1 replacement for other flours (though it doesn’t exactly replicate they way a wheat flour feels/bakes).  

How Does Tiger Nut Flour Taste? 

Tiger Nut Flour has a mild, nutty and sweet flavor – perfect for baked goods. But can be used for savory cooking especially when mixed with other grain free flours – coconut, arrowroot, or almond.

What Can You Make with Tiger Nut Flour? 

Tiger Nut Flour can be used for baking on its own or mixed with other flours to make baked goods, breads, or can be used as a thickener or binder. 

This delicious Tiger Nut Flour Banana Bread Skillet has just a little coconut flour added. The texture is more dense than a white or wheat flour, but the result is a yummy alternative that will satisfy your desire for a grain-ful treat. 

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