What a perfect time to create a virtual health book club. It’s an opportunity to see friends who you miss due to COVID restrictions (from anywhere in the country or world!) and an opportunity to get healthy with the support of like-minded friends. 

Your Health Book Club can be set up simply – pick a book (create an online poll to see what your friends are interested in), choose a date and time, and find an easy platform to have your meeting (Zoom or Google Meet for example). Depending on everyone’s time, you can meet to discuss each chapter or section as you go through the book. You can always create a chat group (Slack, Google Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.) to stay in touch between meetings too. 

There are so many wonderful health books out there! Pick a topic that you want to learn about or an area that you want to improve in your life and find the right book to help you and your club dig in. Here are some topics and titles that might inspire you: 

Sleep BetterWhy We Sleep by Matthew Walker, PhD

Manage Autoimmune DiseaseThe Autoimmune Wellness Handbook by Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt

Create New Habits – Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits by Gretchen Rubin

Beauty from the Inside OutGlow from Within by Joanna Vargas

Eat Healthier – End Your Carb Confusion: A Simple Guide to Customize Your Carb Intake for Optimal Health by Dr. Eric Westman and Amy Berger, MS, CNS

Breath BetterBreathe, The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor

Question Routine – The Sober Curious Reset: Change the Way You Drink in 100 Days or Less by Ruby Warrington

I would be remiss to not mention Dr. Lipman’s books. Especially his 2 most recent books – How to Be Well and The New Rules of Aging Well – are perfect for a fun and informative discussion. Both are easy to read guides that will help create healthy change in your life. They are set up with sections that would be a perfect book club meeting topic – and a health challenge! 

How to  Be Well

Sections on Eat, Sleep, Move, Protect, Unwind, and Connect

The New Rules of Aging Well 

Sections on The Essentials, Easy Adds, Focus on Foods, Fitness and Rest, Deeper Wellness, Everyday Habits, and Inner Health

10 Daily Habits to Live to 100

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