We are constantly bombarded with ideas to create a healthier lifestyle. Change your diet, increase your exercise, meditate daily, sleep more, be grateful… And while we probably need a little of all of these, most people aren’t going to wake up tomorrow and perfectly implement every “health tip” you read. Nor should you. Firstly, pick the tips that work for you and your body and lifestyle (with a challenge from time to time!). Then once you narrow it down, figure out how to move forward. Sometimes that is going to be with baby steps… and those baby steps count! In fact, easing into a new health commitment might just be the trick to make it stick. 

Wondering where to start with your newest tip? Here are a few baby steps for moving forward. 

Healthier Diet

If you read Dr. Lipman’s work, you know he always suggests a lower carb diet. But that can seem overwhelming. Jump in by picking one meal and make changes there. Do you usually start your day with eggs and toast? Drop the toast and add some avocado and veggies instead.

More Exercise

Do you dream of exercising daily, but in reality you are happy if you get one workout in a week? Commit to 2 days a week and find something doable. What about a 30 minute online yoga class instead of that 90 minute class that never fits into your schedule. 

Daily Meditation

Meditation can feel impossible to some people. So go gently and get some help. Download an app like Insight Timer, Headspace, or Calm  and let their guided meditations do the work. Pick 10 minutes, 3 days a week and tune in. You can do it on the subway (some of us are still getting on the subway!) or right before bed, make it work for you. 

8 Hours of Sleep

Do you go to bed at midnight every night… but you know you should go to bed at 10pm? Somehow you just can’t make it happen? What about trying to get to bed 30 minutes earlier and see how that feels. If it feels good, you might just tack on another 30 minutes… and another…

Be Grateful

This is not the easiest request right now. But gratefulness is a practice that we should keep working on. What about starting with a few nights a week, close your eyes when you get in bed and in your mind come up with 3 things you are grateful for from your day. No journal, no long list. Simple. 

Pick one or two areas to dig into this month. Plan a baby step towards your goal and give it a try this week. Evaluate it at the end of the week – did you do it? Was it hard? Was it easy? Are you ready to add the next baby step towards your goal? You can do it.

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