There are many harmful toxins lurking in all your household cleaning products – toilet cleaner, detergent, dish soap, window cleaner, floor soap, etc. While we know it’s best to avoid environmental toxins for our overall health, sometimes it’s hard to part with a favorite cleaning supply. Get over it! It’s time to move on to more environmental and personal health friendly cleaning.

Here is the easiest DIY tip for all your cleaning needs – get Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 castile soap for everything! 

Wondering what are those 18 uses are? “You can use Dr. Bronner’s soaps for washing your face, body, hands and hair, for bathing, shaving, brushing your teeth, rinsing fruit, aromatherapy, washing dishes by hand, doing laundry, mopping floors, all-purpose cleaning, washing windows, scrubbing toilets, washing dogs, controlling dust mites, ants and aphids.” And even more from the Dr. Bronner’s website

Now that’s an all-in-one product! It comes in many different scents (including unscented) and in various dilutions, you can use that one bottle for all your cleaning needs. 

Household uses:

  • Dishes (handwashing):  Pre-dilute 1:10 with water. Squirt on a scrub brush and scrub dishes.
  • Laundry:  1/3—1/2 c. of soap for a large load in a normal washer. Add ½ c. vinegar to the rinse cycle. 
  • Mopping:  ½ c. of soap in 3 gallons of hot water.
  • All-purpose cleaning:  ¼ c. soap in a quart of water in a spray bottle. Add ¼ tsp. tea tree essential oil if desired.
  • Windows: 1 Tbsp. soap in a quart of water in a spray bottle. Follow up with pure club soda, or half vinegar/ half water.
  • Toilet: Predilute 1:4 with water in a squirt bottle. Add ¼ tsp. tea tree oil. Empty toilet, squirt bowl thoroughly, sprinkle baking soda on the brush, scrub bowl, let sit 10 minutes, turn water on, flush.

Here’s a dilution cheat sheet for all your cleaning needs. There are other castile soaps on the market, but Dr. Bronner’s is a common one that has been around and trusted for years. 

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