We all know we need to drink water, this is not a new health tip! But with everyone’s schedule and life turned upside down over the last 6 months, we need to re-up our daily habits. Drinking water isn’t as easy with a mask on and while you might have kept a full pitcher of water at your desk pre-pandemic, what are you doing now? 

Ideally we need to get 4 big glasses of water a day – give or take.

Here are some simple tips to drink up: 

  1. Drink a big glass of water when you wake up – that’s one out of the way!
  2. Keep a pitcher of lemon and cucumber water at your work space and commit to finishing it by day’s end
  3. Make some herbal tea in the afternoon (it counts towards your water intake)
  4. Eat lots of vegetables – they add to your water intake and supply you with needed nutrients
  5. Use your favorite glass to inspire your desire to drink H2O throughout the day
  6. If you empty your glass, be sure to fill it right back up

Use whatever tricks work for you to get you allotment for the day!

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