There are still a few good months for outdoor activities, and while our usual exercise routines might have been upended because of the pandemic, we can still get outside for a walk. Walking on a regular basis is a wonderful form of exercise and partnering with a friend can add a much needed social boost!

  • In Person – safely meet up with a friend by wearing a mask and staying 3-6 feet apart. Hike around your neighborhood or closest park and enjoy your friend’s company.
  • By Phone – if you can’t meet in person, or it doesn’t feel comfortable right now, pick a time, put on your headphones, and chat while you walk! Maybe you can make it a weekly date.
  • No One Available? Still get out there… bring your dog or your neighbor’s dog – they are great company! 

Walking’s benefits might seem too good to be true – it can relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue, it can clear your head and increase creativity, it can help you sleep, plus it can improve your overall health, including lower your risk for life-compromising illnesses – like dementia, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and more.

Plan a walk today!

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