Most everyone feels like their digestion is a little sluggish on occasion. Maybe a heavy meal or  dinner on- the-run didn’t agree with you. So what’s a person to do? There are a few simple things to help get back on track. First, pay attention to eating habits. Are you eating mindfully? Chewing thoroughly? Being careful to not overeat? Staying away from the news (aka stress) while eating? Check. Next step, add bitters to support the digestive process.

Bitters are exactly what they sound like, herbal bitter concoctions that have been used for 100s of years to boost digestion (even thought of as a cure-all). You’re probably familiar with Angostura bitters, a popular ingredient in many cocktails. Bitters are made from a blend of herbs, barks, roots, and fruits, often flavored to make them more palatable. Adding in the bitter flavor signals your body to stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes, bile and stomach acid. An active digestive response can help with bloating, gas, and heartburn – which in turn can help with nutrient absorption, a happy microbiome, regular elimination, and more. That bitter flavor can even help kill a sweet craving and control your appetite.  

You can buy a variety of medicinal bitters these days (there are also flavored bitters for cocktails) or you can make your own.

For digestive support, it’s best to take them right before a meal. Use them for an occasional boost, but if you feel like your issues aren’t resolving it might be time to dig deeper with the appropriate healthcare practitioner. 

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