What is the Instant Pot? Is it just another appliance to take up room in your already overflowing kitchen? I would like to argue that it’s worth the space! The perfect addition for anyone who is too hot right now to cook dinner and it’s a great time saver when you have more important things to do at home. 

What is the Instant Pot? 

Pressure cooker, sauté pan, steamer, slow cooker, rice cooker, food warmer, and yogurt maker. Technically you could get rid of a few other appliances and make space for the Instant Pot. 

What’s it good for? 

  • Home cooking with healthy, whole foods
  • Worry-free, hands-off cooking – set the timer and walk away (this is by far my favorite feature… no stirring, waiting, watching) 
  • Big meals for a family or meal prep
  • Saving time on foods that usually cook for a long time like dry beans, a whole chicken, bone broth, and more
  • It doesn’t heat up the house – great for summer time cooking! 
  • It’s energy efficient
  • It’s stainless steel
  • You can sauté right in the pot (unlike a slow cooker)
  • Variety! There are so many things to do with the Instant Pot – meal prep, batch cooking, stocks, soups, stews, meat, beans, yogurt, vegetables, and more. Check out these recipes from one of our favorite Paleo blogs – NomNomPaleo

One thing that it is not, is “instant”… but that is ok! You still get to push the start button and walk away. It takes time to build pressure, cook, and release the pressure and can take 20 minutes minimum to an hour or more – but remember you don’t have to hover over it and can go play with your kids, water the garden, read a book, clean the house… whatever you want. 

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