There’s been a lot of pandemic baking over the last few months. And while home baking is always better (especially if you have mastered sourdough), it’s still important to think about overall sugar intake and refined flours are a big culprit. 

What’s a baker to do if you still want zucchini bread, but don’t want to use refined white or whole wheat flour? Try some of these amazing grain-free alternatives (that’s right, not just gluten-free, but completely grain-free!): 

Almond Flour

Coconut Flour

Arrowroot Flour

Cassava Flour

Chestnut Flour

Tiger Nut Flour

When looking for grain-free baking recipes, there are a wealth of them in the Paleo community (such as Elana’s Pantry or Bake It Paleo). But still be aware, most have added sugars. Often you can cut the sugar in half and still have a delicious outcome or replace them with an alternative like monk fruit sweetener or bananas.

Current obsession: Tigernut Flour Banana Bread

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