TIME: How to Soothe Your ‘Re-Entry Anxiety’ as COVID-19 Lockdowns Lift

Some tips for combating re-entry anxiety.

FUTURITY: Masks Prevented 66K COVID-19 Infections in 1 Month in NYC

Not wearing a face mask dramatically increases a person’s chances of getting COVID-19, researchers report.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Study Finds 1 in 5 People Worldwide at Risk of Severe Covid-19

Roughly 1.7 billion people have at least one of the underlying health conditions that can worsen cases of the coronavirus, a new analysis shows.

TIME: America Is Done With COVID-19. COVID-19 Isn’t Done With America

America Is Done With COVID-19. COVID-19 Isn’t Done With America… 25 states are continuing to see case COVID-19 counts grow day by day.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: What the Pandemic Reveals About the Male Ego

Seems like female leaders are better at fighting a pandemic.

BLOOMBERG: U.S. Health Care Puts $4 Trillion in All the Wrong Places

The new coronavirus was a test of America’s ability to protect the health of its people, and the country failed.

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