THE WASHINGTON POST: Extra food is rotting on farms while Americans go hungry. This group is trying to fix that.

FarmLink is a grass-roots movement to prevent food waste while also working to address food insecurity.

REUTERS: Widespread mask-wearing could prevent COVID-19 second waves -study

According to a new study, widespread mask-wearing could prevent COVID-19 second waves.

THE GUARDIAN: Vitamin K found in some cheeses could help fight Covid-19, study suggests

Study suggests Vitamin K could help fight coronavirus.

TIME: COVID-19 Is a Symptom of a Bigger Problem: Our Planet’s Ailing Health

Much remains unknown and mysterious, but these are some of the things we’re pretty sure of after half a year of this pandemic.

THE WASHINGTON POST: Virus ‘does not spread easily’ from contaminated surfaces or animals, revised CDC website states

The coronavirus primarily spreads from person to person and not easily from a contaminated surface.

SALON: People are gargling bleach, drinking household cleaners to avoid coronavirus

An increasing number of Americans are putting poisonous cleaning supplies into their bodies under the misguided belief that doing so will protect them from the coronavirus.

MEDIUM/ELEMENTAL: Starting to Slip Up? Your Brain Is Entering Quarantine Fatigue.

If you’ve become lax about hand-washing or mask-wearing, despite knowing the virus is still spreading, blame it on your brain’s incredible ability to adapt.

MEDIUM/ELEMENTAL: The Good and Bad Lessons From Sweden

Sweden’s top epidemiologist has admitted his strategy to fight Covid-19 resulted in too many deaths, after persuading his country to avoid a strict lockdown.

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