FUTURITY: Experts Worry About False COVID-19 Antibody Test Results

False positive results from COVID-19 antibody testing are cause for concern, researchers argue.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: It’s Not Whether You Were Exposed to the Virus. It’s How Much.

The pathogen is proving a familiar adage: The dose makes the poison.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Six Months of Coronavirus: Here’s Some of What We’ve Learned

Much remains unknown and mysterious, but these are some of the things we’re pretty sure of after half a year of this pandemic.

TIME: Wearing Face Masks and Social Distancing Actually Work to Contain COVID-19, According to a New Study

A comprehensive review of existing evidence supports physical distancing and face masks to prevent person-to-person transmission of COVID-19.

MEDIUM/ELEMENTAL: I See You but I Don’t: How Masks Alter Human Connection

They can disrupt our ability to communicate and connect. But there are ways to overcome a mask’s necessary downsides.

SCITECH DAILY: COVID-19 Could Be a Seasonal Illness – Recurring in Periods of Lower Humidity

A study conducted in Sydney during the early epidemic stage of COVID-19 has found an association between lower humidity and an increase in locally acquired positive cases.

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