I’m sure you’ve heard that “sitting is the new smoking.” If this is true, many of us had better start some new habits. With “sheltering in place” comes new work from home routines – sitting at your home desk (or makeshift desk), not going outside to pick up lunch, no time in the conference room or chatting at a coworker’s desk, generally… less movement. But all of the old office rules still apply – 

  1. Get up from your desk. Set an alarm to go off hourly and take a lap around the living room. 
  2. Stretch in your chair. You don’t even need to get up for this one. Do stretches right from your chair a few times a day – 1) a simple forward fold, 2) clasp your hands behind your back, open your chest and look towards the ceiling, 3) a seated twist to the right and left. 
  3. Eat lunch away from your computer. Another opportunity to get up! Go to the kitchen to prepare lunch and eat at the dining table. 

You get extra credit if you DIY a standup desk to use for part of your day. Take your computer to a kitchen counter and set it on a few cookbooks to get it at the right height. Put it on a box on your desk. Use a bedroom dresser or any other tall furniture that allows you to stand up for a chunk of your day. If you are feeling extra crafty, there are some great DIY standing desk ideas online.

This is a great time to create new habits that are health promoting, to support us now, and into the future. We will be back in the office eventually! 

10 Daily Habits to Live to 100

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