CNN HEALTH: Coronavirus symptoms: 10 key indicators and what to do

Here are 10 signs that you or a loved one may have Covid-19 — and what to do to protect yourself and your family.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Feeling Down? Anxious? Hostile? A 4-Day-a-Week Exercise Regimen May Help

A regular workout was shown to ease depression and lift moods.

MEDIUM/ELEMENTAL: Is It Really Safe to Exercise Outside?

How to go for a run or a walk without making it a health risk.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: How Will We Know When It’s Time to Reopen the Nation?

Experts offer four benchmarks that can serve as a guide for cities and states, eliminating some of the guesswork.

THE STANFORD DAILY: Reevaluate your nutrition strategy amid COVID-19, doctors say

The strong link between nutrition and immunity suggests that this survival strategy needs to be reevaluated. 

THE GUARDIAN: Our post-pandemic selves: why the virus is an opportunity to grow and develop

How times of struggle can pave the way for new ways of life – and for the lucky ones among us, the quest for small joys.

NPR: How Safe Is It To Eat Takeout?

Current guidance from the FDA states that “there is no evidence to suggest that food produced in the United States can transmit COVID-19.”

THE NEW YORK TIMES: The Science of Helping Out

During a crisis, the people who cope best are those who help others.

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