THE NEW YORK TIMES: C.D.C. Weighs Advising Everyone to Wear a Mask

Widespread use of nonmedical masks could reduce community transmission. But recommending their broad use could also cause a run on the kind of masks that health care workers desperately need.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: These Coronavirus Exposures Might Be the Most Dangerous

The importance of viral dose is being overlooked in discussions of the coronavirus. Small initial exposures tend to lead to mild infections, while larger doses can be lethal.

WASHINGTON POST: Don’t panic about shopping, getting delivery or accepting packages

A recent study is making people think twice about how they might be exposed to covid-19 if they open a delivered box, touch packages at the grocery store or accept food delivery. The risk is low.

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Restrictions Are Slowing Coronavirus Infections, New Data Suggest

A database of daily fever readings shows that the numbers declined as people disappeared indoors.

THE ATLANTIC: America Needs Plasma From COVID-19 Survivors Now

People who have recovered from the COVID19 have antibodies that might help those still suffering from it.

MEDIUM/ELEMENTAL: At-Home Coronavirus Testing Could Be Coming Soon

Tech startups want to provide self-swab kits, but the FDA has stepped in.

WASHINGTON POST: New CDC data shows danger of coronavirus for those with diabetes, heart or lung disease, other chronic conditions

The new data gives the most sweeping look at the way covid-19 is causing serious illnesses among people in the United States who already face medical challenges. 

MEDIUM/MIND CAFE: How Would Nelson Mandela And Viktor Frankl Cope With Covid-19?

It’s not about what happens to you, it’s about how you respond.

YOUTUBE: Roedean School – Virtual Choir, Hallelujah

This school in South Africa is closed because of Covid19 but they still managed to perform this beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Halleluljah virtually.

THE GUARDIAN: The missing six weeks: how Trump failed the biggest test of his life

The president was aware of the danger from the coronavirus – but a lack of leadership has created an emergency of epic proportions.

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