Have you ever found yourself without a kitchen? This recipe from the No-Cook Book is the perfect solution (you will even find “The Perfect Plate” recipe from Dr. Lipman’s How To Be Well in it!). 

Apple Chicory Salad

The crispiness and freshness of apple is magnified with this marvelous combination of ingredients. 


  • Apple
  • Chicory
  • Walnuts
  • Goat cheese


  • Wash chicories (endives) and remove outer leaves if they are wilted.
  • Lay endives flat and cut thin slices from the top until you touch the hard part. Discard the cores.
  • Wash and cut apple in slices. 
  • Put together cut endives’ leaves and apples.
  • Top with goat cheese and walnut. Season to taste. 

Believe me, you need to try this combination if you’ve never done it before. Walnuts and endives are a must! If you have walnut oil, it will serve as a delicious addition. The crunchiness and slight sweetness of apples are quite perfect with the goat cheese. 

Possible replacements: try pears instead of apples and bleu cheese instead of goat cheese. Add pasture-raised boiled eggs if this is an option.


Apples are a simple food, yet a nutrient powerhouse. They not only support a healthy gut (a good source of fiber and prebiotics), but they also support liver function thanks to malic acid, which helps to clear liver ducts and avoid stagnation of toxins. Another good source of prebiotics is chicory. Both apples and chicory help feed the already existing good bacteria in the gut.  

Pauline Mornet is the creator, photographer, and illustrator of “No-Cook Book, How to Keep Eating Healthy Without a Full Kitchen.” Delicious and nourishing meals without cooking. She co-authored the No-Cook Book with Registered Nutritionist, Beata Rydyger. 

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