Are you in a breakfast rut? Maybe it’s time to switch it up or even give it up. Many people start their day with a typical breakfast of oatmeal or cereal and on the weekends eat waffles or pancakes – but these carb-laden breakfasts are not a great start to your day. Hopefully one of these will inspire a new plan and give you the energy to keep going all day long! 

Shake it up

A smoothie loaded with healthy protein and fat is easy, super convenient, and a fool proof breakfast every time. Bulk it up by adding greens, frozen berries, and a healthy fat like almond butter or avocado. Add some raw cocoa powder, cinnamon, flax or chia seeds to make it more interesting. My favorite smoothie tip: freeze your fresh greens like spinach or baby kale so that they don’t go bad and you always have them on hand to throw into your smoothie to get an extra serving of veggies.

Leftovers rule

Dinner leftovers are a fast and fun way to approach breakfast. Heat ‘em up and you are ready to sit down to a warm breakfast. You can top your leftovers with a fried egg to make it more breakfast-y. Or make an omelet with chopped up leftover greens and some goat cheese. Easy! 

Fast your way through it

If you’re not a breakfast person or you are intermittent fasting, just skip it! If you still want a cup of joe, black coffee is your best bet when fasting, or you can make bulletproof coffee to give you the burst you need to get through your morning. Brew organic coffee, add MCT or coconut oil and pasture-raised butter, give it a whirl in the blender and you’ll have a delicious, creamy beverage to last you until lunch.

Still want cereal and pancakes?

Then eat them! But use a paleo recipe which eliminates grains and adds healthy fats and proteins. Our favorite paleo granola is easy to make and delicious or try paleo pancakes which are also quick and easy with almond flour and eggs. Get creative! 

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