It’s the holidays and along with the season comes lots of holiday food. Celebrations might be a little different this year, but whether you are home alone, with family or roommates, or out for a visit or two, you will most likely encounter some of your holiday favorites. Mashed potatoes, cookies, bread, stuffing… AKA, all the carbs

While we always work with diet at Eleven Eleven Wellness Center – Paleo, Low Carb, Keto, Elimination – we like to allow for flexibility when we can! If you are an otherwise healthy person who is following a “diet” to support your overall health, there is room for indulging in some of your favorites over the next few weeks. Allowing for flexibility when you are with your friends and family is important – enjoy the moment, people, and food! Tomorrow get back to your plan.

Flexible Holiday Eating Tips: 

  • Be Choosy – prioritize your favorites, don’t eat carbs that you don’t love
  • Keep it Moderate – try whatever you want, but keep the portions small
  • Don’t Show Up Hungry – everything will look a little less tempting
  • Eat Your Veggies – balance things out, have some veggies before that cookie
  • Enjoy – let go of the guilt
  • Get Back on Track – jump right back into your usual healthy choices… tomorrow

If you are on a restrictive therapeutic diet or in the middle of an elimination diet, you might need to be more careful… but know that the work you are doing will hopefully allow for more flexibility in the future. 

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