We are always harping on the importance of sleep. It’s important for overall health – your immune system, your mental health, weight management, cellular maintenance and repair, to fend off disease, the list goes on and on (sleep will even help you fight Coronavirus). Everyone has suggestions for a good night’s sleep including turning off screens, sticking to a schedule, and not eating too close to bedtime. With all the stress and anguish surrounding us right now, we need a good night’s sleep more than ever. It’s the perfect time to make your night time routine a little more personalized. Create a way to separate yourself from the day, reflect and wind down – that’s special to you.

Create your own ritual. Whether you have 5 minutes or an hour, make it your own:  

  • Listen to your favorite song
  • Burn incenses or put your favorite essential oil in the diffuser
  • In your head or on paper, list 3 positive things from the day – even the smallest ones count
  • Have a cup of valerian, chamomile, other nighttime tea
  • Set up coffee for the morning – put out your favorite mug
  • Read a page from an inspiring book or a treasured poem
  • Light a candle in the bathroom while you get ready for bed
  • Do “Legs Up the Wall” yoga pose – in bed
  • Step outside and look at the stars and moon
  • Massage lotion into your hands and feet
  • Dance your way into bed

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